End your Anxiety, You are a Multipotentialite

I am Dana and this is how my life got mixed up because of having too many interests. This is not a story of success and failure. This is a story of how I survived a stereotypical society and conquered my anxiety.

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An ENTJ’s Diary: The Struggle with Inefficiency, Incompetence and Laziness

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Let me start by once again saying that I am an ENTJ and it is hard. If you are an ENTJ, please read until the end.

This is the very first time that I blogged about Personality Types even though I am crazy about MBTI. Perhaps I was conscious that I might write something incorrect since this is not my field. I am glad that I finally had the courage to share this to you because I am such an avid fan of MBTI.

For this blog, I would be detailing one of the worst struggles that I have as an ENTJ. It is the struggle with laziness, incompetence, and inefficiency.

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#GabiiSaKabilin2016 : Ang Paghinumdom sa Kaniadto

I love history. I always love to look back through time and see how the people in the past live and work. When I found out that Cebu is very active in promoting cultural and historical awareness, I was very happy.

Having Gabii sa Kabilin here in Cebu for 9 years now is a manifestation that many are eager and passionate to appreciate Philippine culture and history. That’s a very good thing for us specially that we are now under neocolonialism.

Gabii sa Kabilin or Night of Heritage is a 6pm to 12am activity that is held every last friday of May every year where participants tour from one historical site to another. For one night, you get to tour around Cebu City and get to know the past of the Cebuanos! How amazing is that?

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Those Little Things are the Ones that Matter for Mother Earth

This month when I bought the May-June 2016 issue of Meg Magazine, I was stunned when I read a two-page environmental campaign inside its pages. I did not expect that these two pages will remind me with the fact that I can actually contribute greatly to the advocacy of protecting and preserving the environment by doing some little things I usually ignore in my day-to-day living. These are things that we know that we should do but we tend to just not do them. Why? Because we are not committed and sincere enough to bring our advocacy to practice. The magazine encourages to cut the illustrations out and put it in places where people can see them. For me, I will take advantage of the internet to remind you, dear netizen who is reading this right now, that you can do more for the environment without wasting a sweat.

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iRate: The Ups and Downs of my Sun Cellular Gadget Plan Experience

(If you are interested to get a Gadget Plan some time in the future, be sure to read until the end.)

Gadget Plans are very popular today in this generation, especially with young professionals. All of the three biggest Telecommunication Brands (namely Sun Cellular, Smart, and Globe) offers the most popular Gadget Plans nationwide riding the excitement of the people towards this kind of marketing strategy.

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